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      1. Synopsis

        Company Profile

        In 2012, Jade Chemical regards new energy as the key development direction of the Group's transformation and upgrading. It established a development concept of "combining independent R & D and foreign cooperation", set up a battery R & D team and set up Shandong Jade New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Jade New Energy registered capital of 250 million yuan, mainly engaged in power batteries, power battery systems and graphene R & D production and sales. In 2016, an annual output of 500 million watt-hours power battery production line put into operation, two construction projects have been started, 10 billion industrial park to take shape.

        About YuHuang Group

        Shandong Yuhuang Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1986, at home and abroad have five major production bases, 14 subsidiaries, covering more than 7,000 acres, more than 6,000 employees, the total assets of 20 billion yuan, 2016 China 500 Strong ranked No. 389.

        Set up a century old shop, a first-class enterprise

        Sense of worth:
        Create wealth for the country, create happiness for employees, and create harmony for society.

        Zonta, cherishing, dedication, pragmatic and innovative
        Code of conduct
        Code of conduct:
        Speak of loyalty, responsibility, and dedication

        Jade Emperor standard

        Basic standard:Learning to improve unity and dedication
        Middle standard:Scientific organization; harmony; efficiency
        High-level standard:Gratitude creates happiness
        Enterprise idea

        Security concept:
        Safety first, prevention first

        Environmental protection idea:
        Build green jade emperor, build environmental

        Management idea:
        People oriented, dedication society, fully tap the potential of employees

        Management philosophy:
        The basic policy of all business activities is high technology, specialization, collectivization and internationalization.

        • 2017
          2017 - continued
        • 2016
          In October 2016, an annual output of 500 million kwh graphene lithium ion power battery and power assembly construction project is put into operation;
        • 2016
          In April 2016, together with Academician Qian Yitai, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly established the new energy academician workstation of Shandong Jade Emperor
        • 2016
          January 2016 construction of annual output of 500 million kwh graphene lithium ion power battery and power assembly construction project
        • 2016
          January 2016 construction of annual output of 500 million kwh graphene lithium ion power battery and power assembly construction project
        • 2015
          In November 2015, an annual output of 3 tons of high-quality graphene production line officially put into operation
        • 2015
          Construction of high quality graphene production line with annual output of 3 tons in May 2015
        • 2015
          In March 2015, the R amp; D center power battery Chinese line was put into operation
        • 2014
          The new energy R amp; D center was officially opened in October 2014
        • 2014
          Jade new energy R amp; D center established in May 2014
        • 2014
          Shandong Jade Emperor Amperex Technology Limited was founded in February 2014
        • 2012
          Set up R D team in 2012
        • 2013
          In February, chairman Wang Jinshu was honored as the Twelfth National Peoples congress.
        • 2010
          In February 80 thousand tons of butadiene rubber plant successfully. In April, chairman Wang Jinshu was named national model worker. In June, the successful acquisition of Shandong Saint che...
        • 2007
          Heze jade jade Chemical Co., ltd.. Through quality, environment and safety, occupational health, three in one system and cleaner production certification.
        • 2005
          The production of dicyclopentadiene, isoprene, dicyclopentadiene, successfully passed the ISO9000 international quality management system certification. Shandong provincial small and medium enter...
        • 2004
          Seize the provincial Party committee and provincial government to break through the Heze strategy and the states opportunity to develop large ethylene, decisive decision on the 100 thousand tons / ...
        • 2003
          Invested 8 million yuan in November, built a set of 20 thousand tons / year carbon 5 deep processing equipment. Shareholding system reform, changed its name to Shandong Jade Emperor Chemical C...
        • 1997
          Launched 20 thousand tons / year liquid wax refining and 20 thousand tons / year liquid wax cutting device.
        • 1986
          Set up Dongming County Welfare chemical plant

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